What is Prodromal Labor

What is Prodromal Labor? Definition and Meaning

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Women might gain weight and expand their waistline during their pregnancy but still, they feel like the most beautiful women in the world because they are grateful sincerely. However, inside the grateful feeling, pregnancy always brings wonder and suspicious feelings towards various causes.

Women will start to surf the internet as soon as they feel some changes in their bodies and pregnancy. Besides, there are many issues that they might want to read thoroughly before consulting them with their doctors.

Pregnancy always makes women curious about many things. Waiting for labor is something so tiring not only due to some health issues but also the unending questions.

While waiting for the little ones to come, women will impatiently wait for the contraction to start. At that very moment, many questions including prodromal labor will come up.

prodromal labor definition

What does prodromal mean?

Prodromal comes from the Greek word “Prodromos“. Prodromal is relating to or denoting the period between the appearance of initial symptoms and the full development of “conditions”.

Based on Wikipedia, a prodromal is an early sign or symptom (or set of signs and symptoms), which often indicate the onset of “a medical condition” before more diagnostically specific signs and symptoms develop.

For example, a contraction is “prodromal” to real/true labor.

What is prodromal labor?

The twinge in the belly and ache in the back of pregnant moms will get worse each day and when some changes occur in their pregnancy, they might jump to a conclusion that the contraction is occurring.

Most women feel a little frightened with the contraction and when something like this happens, they need to react correctly.

What is Prodromal Labor definition

Prodromal labor definition

Prodromal labor is often called very early labor, pre-labor, and latent labor occurs in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Prodromal labor has been misnamed as “false labor”.

In traditional labor, this type of contraction is defined as a way of contraction that does not result in the birth of a baby.

Most pregnant women feel mild contractions before true labor begins. These contractions are preparatory.

Learn more about Prodromal Labor Symptoms during Pregnancy

This early labor often causes frustration because women will feel excited and suffer a lot while taken to the nearest hospital; soon after that, they will have to go back home and wait because that very contraction is “the false one”.

This is not the kind of labor that any woman wants to experience. What is so hard to predict is that this prodromal labor often comes in different ways for different pregnancies. What should you do? Call your doctor/midwife!

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