What causes prodromal labor

What Causes Prodromal Labor?

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What is prodromal labor? That term seems so hard to handle and to spell honestly. Well, we do not have to worry about it since it will not disturb mom’s pregnancy. However, in the emotional state of waiting for the labor, that prodromal labor will somehow give all pregnant women curiosity.

The simple explanation of prodromal labor is not actually simple only because it is called false contractions. Therefore, we need to search for comprehensive information about it.

Besides finding the best name for the babies, pregnant moms need to consult reliable sources of pregnancy information that will explain anything related to the labor, including the prodromal labor.

It is essential to check what causes prodromal labor so they can make prevention. Though for some reason, prodromal labor occurs without notice and hard to prevent.

Causes of prodromal labor-causes of prodromal labor

There seem to be many potential causes that we can say that there is no specific activity that can cause prodromal. It just happens as the natural process of labor.

There is not yet confirmation from medical experts that some activities can cause prodromal. Sources confirm that prodromal is women’s body effort of making preparation for labor.

What causes prodromal labor?

Some factors that might contribute to prodromal labor are as follows:

The baby’s positions

Prodromal labor is the way a women’s body gets prepared to move the baby in the right position for labor.

What causes prodromal labor Baby's Position

The baby nervous system is being activated increases the potential of prodromal labor

Baby Nervous system Causes of prodromal labor

Uterine Abnormality

What is the abnormality of the uterus? Sometimes, a pregnant woman has a uterus that differs in shape or structure from the norm.

An abnormal uterus (womb) can have different shapes. Some sources like Ternopil State Medical University state that uterine abnormality is one of the several causes of prodromal labor.

What causes prodromal labor Uterine Abnormality

Emotional factors

When the time is approaching, women will be so much stressful and anxious. One theory says that hectic feelings are the causes of prodromal labor.

Emotional factor Causes of prodromal labor

Uterus Changes

This hollow muscular organ is responsible for the development of the embryo and fetus. Some researchers came to the conclusion that women who have passed more than two labors are more risked suffering from prodromal labor due to some changes in their uterus.

Uterus change Causes of prodromal labor

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