Is Turmeric Safe To Take during Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Is Turmeric Safe to Take during Pregnancy?

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To consume herbal medication and use home remedies during pregnancy is one thing. But, to take everything without doing small research or cross-check is quite another thing. Therefore, whenever we receive some information or solutions for our health problems during pregnancy, we have to consult with our doctors. Besides, sometimes we will need to add out nutrition intake and consume herbal products for improving our fetus health.

There will be many tips and ideas in books and the internet. We will get some suggestions to consume berries, cherries, some kind of flower tea, and even turmeric.

We know that turmeric is a great ingredient to cure many health problems. It is relatively safe to consume turmeric as a daily diet.

Turmeric is the main ingredient of a healthy herbal drink. However, we need to know in detail whether turmeric is a good idea for pregnancy. Can we eat raw turmeric during pregnancy?

can we eat turmeric during pregnancy

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric has been used as medicinal ingredients for centuries ago. This plant has very long-dated back nearly 4000 years.

Turmeric is most popular in Southeast Asia. This is an important ingredient for the precious cuisine recipes and a popular root spice in Southeast Asian countries. Besides, turmeric is also a component in religious rites.

Because of the efficacies, turmeric is also the main component of various herbal drink. Not only turmeric gives benefits for human medicine but also for animals (such as mare, horse, cats, dog, etc.). Turmeric has a vibrant yellow color. Therefore, it is also popular as Indian saffron.

Turmeric has been part of the Vedic culture and the system of medicine (Ayurveda) in India since 4000-5000 years ago. After that, it is also popular in China (Chinese medicine), Japan (Kampo-Japanese medicine), Africa, Egypt, and America.

Today, turmeric is widely planted in tropical countries. There are various names for it. In India, turmeric is called Haldi and Manual.

Is It Safe to Drink Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy

In Indonesia, turmeric is also a popular herbal ingredient for various ailments. It is called Kunir or Kunyit in Javanese, a traditional language in Indonesia.

In French, it is well known as Terre merite. In many other countries, the Powerful plant is simply called yellow root. The Latin of turmeric is Curcuma.

Almost all countries all over the world include turmeric as one of the best plants that can give wonderful efficacies for health and fitness. Yet, we need to explore more information to see whether turmeric is safe for pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Drink Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy?

Can we eat turmeric during pregnancy? Similar to other plants or fruits for pregnancy, a small amount will be safe to consume during pregnancy. It will be safe if women watch the quantity of turmeric that they consume. It will be fine to use the turmeric for a soup. Besides, it will not be dangerous to drink turmeric milk.

A small glass a day will not give any bad impacts on health. Even, in Southeast Asian countries, especially Indonesia, millions of women do take small amounts of turmeric as part of their daily diet when they are pregnant.

Turmeric milk is believed and recommended for a healthier pregnancy, without any reported adverse effects. It gives better body fitness and immunity. However, some women might be allergic to turmeric. So, for those who are allergic, turmeric should be completely avoided.

Health Benefits of Turmeric (Milk & Tea) during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Turmeric has various efficacies. It can boost immune functions. It helps in fighting against some infections. Besides, it will support a strong and healthy bone. It is also good to consume turmeric for weight loss.

Turmeric will be helpful for digestion and break dietary fat. Also, turmeric is an excellent plant that can maintain healthy bacteria in the stomach. It will thus prevent gastrointestinal issues.

Health Benefits of Turmeric (Milk & Tea) during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

With regular consumption, turmeric can help to manage healthy lipid. It is also a good supplement to control blood sugar levels. In the long run, turmeric can support the liver. It helps detoxifying and purifying blood so we can improve our body fitness.

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Also, turmeric is famous for preventing unusual cell growth in the area of the uterus. With all efficacies, we can conclude that turmeric milk and tea can be so beneficial.

Specifically, here are 8 health benefits of turmeric milk and tea while pregnant:

  1. Turmeric can help with joint pains. During pregnancy, women will suffer from various aches in the joints. Some women suffer from keen pains and backache the whole 9 months of pregnancy. Therefore, a herbal supplement for joint pains will be helpful.
  2. Constipation will be cured with turmeric. This is a common problem of pregnancy that women should face. For this case, turmeric will give a good benefit since it improves digestion. Besides, it also promotes better bowel movements.
  3. Turmeric is also a good supplement for controlling cholesterol levels. The fluctuating cholesterol levels will be controllable with turmeric tea or milk.
  4. As prescribed by Ayurveda in Herbal Medicine 2nd Edition, turmeric has been used to treat sprains, swelling, various respiratory conditions, and used to treat diseases associated with abdominal pain.
  5. Turmeric can help to prevent stretch marks (turmeric in cream form, such as Vicco cream).
  6. Relieve Osteoarthritis pain
  7. Help to treat Uveitis
  8. Prevent Atherosclerosis

Turmeric pregnancy side effects

Turmeric is that powerful for some reasons. However, there are some conditions in which turmeric can be a bad idea. Here are the side effects of turmeric for pregnancy:

  • It makes acid reflux worse. We should avoid having turmeric without eating previously. Drinking turmeric milk or tea with an empty stomach will be bad for our acid reflux problems.
  • Turmeric can cause stomach upset. Consuming too much turmeric can cause a mild digestive upset. Therefore, pregnant moms should really watch the amount of turmeric milk that they consume.
  • It might cause miscarriage. Pregnancy women do not have to worry too much about these side effects. It only occurs when they consume turmeric too excessively.

Precautions and Interactions of Turmeric

Herbs can provide countless health benefits. Yet, it might trigger unwanted side effects. Therefore, we need to learn the precautions and use the herbal plan such as turmeric under the right procedure. Even, we will need to use the supervision of healthcare specialists.

Taking turmeric in a large amount might cause stomach upset. In an extreme case, it can cause ulcers. People with gallstones and some problems with their bile passages should consult their doctors before taking turmeric.

Turmeric pregnancy side effects

Also, turmeric is a good nutrient source for patients with diabetes. However, if combined with some medication for diabetes. It could cause too low blood sugar levels.

In some types of conditions of pregnancy, turmeric is not allowed. So, pregnant moms need to consult with their doctors. Turmeric contains a substance that will act as a blood thinner. Therefore, patients need to stop consuming turmeric at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Can we eat turmeric during pregnancy? The final answer for this is YES. And it will be countless health benefits. However, people need to really watch their conditions and the amount of turmeric that they consume.

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