Prodromal Labor Symptoms during Pregnancy

Prodromal Labor Symptoms during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is always the most beautiful moment for all women. It is the time when they treasure each day though they might suffer from a restless night with a hard headache. Some women have to suffer from morning sickness that seems to have no end.

Pregnant moms will lose their self-control and feel so much emotion. Sometimes, they become more emotional than ever and always thirst for attention. That is why pregnant women need excessive care and attention.

Besides, they will also need to be assisted in case they are in a bad mood condition so they need supports. In times when prodromal labor might occur, pregnant moms will need so much care.

Prodromal Labor Symptoms

Prodromal is false labor that usually happens several days before the estimated labor date.

In order to handle this case properly, it is essential that pregnant moms learn Prodromal labor symptoms.

We will know the symptoms of this false labor sign as we find the difference between prodromal labor and real labor.

Learn more about What is Prodromal Labor? Definition and Meaning

How to differentiate prodromal labor and real labor?

The progress and feel of prodromal labor are significantly different from the irregular Braxton Hicks.

Based on the explanation of Kristi Angevine, M.D., an OB/GYN in Chattanooga, Tenn, active labor is more intense, while prodromal labor might range from mild to strong. The contraction can happen regularly or irregularly; the interval is less than every five minutes and will not be more frequent.

In order to check a more vivid sign, we need to learn the symptoms.

prodromal labor and real labor

Prodromal labor symptoms:

  1. Minimal cervical dilation is shown in a v*ginal examination
  2. The contraction level is weak and typically short.
  3. The contraction frequency is not increasing.
  4. The contractions do not come at regular intervals.
  5. In some cases, the contraction is steady but it ends up fizzling out.
  6. MedlinePlus explains that the contractions are not accompanied by bleeding, leaking fluid, or decreased fetal movement.
  7. In prodromal labor, mucus plug might start to loosen though it is not followed by bloody show and water breaking.
  8. The contractions are started from the abdomen; real labor radiates from the back to front.

Contraction and Prodromal labor symptoms are not the only sign of labor. Therefore, pregnant moms do not have to worry too much to wait for the contraction.

There are various other signs of labor that they can notice so they can feel relieved and get relaxed while waiting for real labor.

Prodromal labor symptoms dilate

Here are some of the symptoms before labor begins:

Dropping baby position

A few weeks before the real labor, the baby will be getting into the position; descent into the pelvis.

Expanding Cervix

To get prepared for the labor, the cervix will dilate. This stage might occur several days or even weeks before the labor.

Back Pain

Most pregnancies will make women suffer a lot with back pain. When the pain is getting worse and cramp occurs more frequently, it means that their joints are shifting for preparing for the birth.

Prodromal Labor Symptoms Back pain

Loose Joints

Another sign of labor is loosened ligaments due to the hormone relaxing release throughout the pregnancy.


Some moms get high energy levels before the birthday. However, most moms will suffer from terrible fatigue and restless nights some weeks or days before the labor day.

After those signs appear, moms will possibly get so close to the awaited day. The next symptoms will occur some hours before the labor starts. Those include v*ginal changes, frequent contraction, and finally water breaks.

Symptoms before labor begins

Learning about those signs will help pregnant moms to get informed about the right symptoms of labor. They do not have to be stressed while waiting only for the contractions.

It will be better to get relaxed while all of the aforementioned signs of labor occur instead of getting panicked due to the false contraction or prodromal labor symptoms.

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