Precipitous Labor and Precipitous Delivery

Precipitous Labor and Delivery

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Precipitous labor definition

What is precipitous labor and delivery? Precipitous labor is defined as labor that results only in a short period of time (extremely rapid labor and delivery).

According to the NCBI, precipitous labor is defined as the expulsion of the fetus within less than 3 hours of commencement of regular contractions.

This makes the labor so troublesome because moms can deliver the baby outside the hospitals. There are many possibilities for mom to go to labor outside the birthing room setting such as on the way, in the taxi, and even in the elevator.

How Fast is Precipitous Labor?

The time elapses only for two to three hours from the first contraction. This is often called an unusually short amount of time labor because delivery usually takes longer than that.

Precipitous labor definition

Are there any signs and symptoms of Precipitous labor?

The signs of this precipitous labor and delivery can be varied and different from case to case.

However, there are at least three signs that we can check so we are aware of the rapid labor:

  1. A sudden start of contractions that will not stop.
  2. Intensive pain due to the contractions that give no space or recovery.
  3. Pressure and urge to push that occur so rapidly. Some of the pressure gives no warning.

Ways to anticipate a precipitous labor

The bad news is that there is no scientific way to avoid precipitous labor. However, we can anticipate it in several ways:

  1. We need to always be alert and grab the phone fast. We need to contact 911, the midwife, or our doctor immediately.
  2. Stay calm and relaxed though it might be hard to do. When moms have calm thoughts, the condition will not be hectic.
  3. Make sure that you are assisted.
  4. Before some help arrives, it is necessary that moms lay down in a clean place. When the labor should occur in that place, at least the place is sterile for the newborn.

Precipitous Labor and Delivery

What are the Difficulties of Rapid Labor?

While some moms have to suffer from a long contraction without good results, this precipitous labor can be a blessing.

However, if some help does not come and moms do not have assistance, hectic situations will occur.

Dealing with labor is not an easy case that moms can handle themselves.

Therefore, rapid labor is indeed difficult without the help of professionals.

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Risks of precipitous labor?

There are various side effects of rapid labor that can be dangerous for babies and moms.

  1. Moms will not be able to cope with the labor
  2. Moms will get stressed or physically exhausted
  3. Cervical scratch or ever tear
  4. V*ginal tear
  5. Uterine Atony
  6. Hemorrhaging problems
  7. Perineum damage
  8. Too intense contractions
  9. Baby suffers from cerebral damage
  10. Fatal trauma

What is precipitous labor and delivery

So how can you manage or cope with precipitous labor and delivery?

The essential thing to do is not to let partners be off. After that, moms need to get relaxed. Let anything runs naturally. Don’t get stressed, that is the key to coping with the precipitous labor.

Pregnant moms should not think too much because no nurse can actually help labor. Besides, doctors might not be present. And partners cannot probably make it.

Therefore, rapid labor will be successful if moms are prepared mentally and physically.

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