Pedicure to Induce Labor-Will getting a pedicure help you go into labor

Pedicure to Induce Labor, Fact or Myth?

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There are some crazy things that are claimed to give benefits to induce labor. However, not every tip can really provide the benefits. Therefore, it will be essential that moms recheck the sources of the ideas so they can reduce the risk of applying a false thing for inducing labor.

We will look at other ways for women to induce labor such as Breast pumping, Essential oils, Clary sage, Castor oil, Evening primrose oil, and one of the popular ideas is pedicure to induce labor. Let’s check whether it is fact or a mere rumor.

What is a pedicure treatment?

A pedicure is a therapy on the feet. Basically, this therapeutic treatment is for removing the dead skin and for other beauty reasons such as to soften hard skin.

According to Wikipedia, pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic, and medical purposes. Some ladies also love to do it for shaping and treating their toenails.

However, some pedicure treatments include foot massage that will be beneficial for some health conditions. In addition, pedicure treatments can touch some nerves that are suggested for inducing the labor.

Where are acupressure points to induce labor

Is Will getting a pedicure help you go into labor?

When a pregnancy reaches 37 weeks, some problems that relate to swelling feet might occur. Of several solutions to reduce the pain, stress, and swelling, foot massage (stimulation via pedicure) is most recommended.

It can include reflexology that presses some points in moms’ feet. It’s actually around your ankles, not the feet. The massages will stimulate the uterus, ovaries, and even fallopian tubes.

In some pregnancy discussion portals online, moms show a mild contraction that leads to normal labor after several times therapy of pedicure (Pedicures between 36-39 weeks or third trimester).

Pregnant women who have gone into labor shortly after getting a pedicure can’t explain why they had contractions.

Is it Safe to get a Pedicure when pregnant

Though there is no adequate explanation and research on a pedicure to induce labor, the pedicure is likely to be helpful for moms to go into natural labor. This massage is worth trying because it also helps to provide relaxation.

When moms feel relaxed, they will go through labor better and more comfortably.

Is Will getting a pedicure help you go into labor? Probably not, but there is the truth behind it! There are certain pressure points that if they do reflexology or acupressure may induce labor.

It’s between the heel and ankle bone. There is no absolute guarantee it will work but who is going to pass up a reason to get a foot massage?. Do pregnant women need excuses to get pedicures? Probably not.

Is it safe to get a Pedicure when pregnant?

Generally, pedicure therapy does not include any chemical products. The professional therapist and licensed massager will know how to apply the right methods for pregnancy. Therefore, it will not endanger the babies. It is safe and so much comfortable for relaxation and pain reliever.

Based on the information provided at Huffingtonpost, if you do get a pedicure while pregnant, take some precautions such as:

  1. Never let them turn on the bubbles while you soak your feet. The jets in the whirlpool bath can harbor bacteria and fungus.
  2. Make sure the metal tools they’re using are sterilized between each client. Make sure your pedicurist is using freshly sanitized metal tools on you.
  3. Make sure the tools should never be used for more than one client.
  4. Most nail technicians are not trained in prenatal so it was probably a precaution.
  5. Tell your pedicurist exactly how to cut your toenails and cuticles if you want to avoid a trip to the doctor.

Where are acupressure points of Pedicure to Induce labor? (This acupressure point is to be used with caution during pregnancy and only be used with your doctor’s approval)

There are pressure points on the foot and ankles that can jump-start labor if your body is ready, but a regular pedicure/foot massage won’t do that. Use your index finger or thumb to apply firm pressure on the points for a few seconds.

Spleen 6 Point (SP 6)

Above the anklebone, on the backside of the shinbone

Pedicure to Induce Labor-SP 6

Pericardium 8 Point (PC 8)

Between the second and third metacarpals.

Pedicure to Induce Labor-PC 8

Bladder 32 Point (BL 32)

In the middle of our buttocks.

Pedicure to Induce Labor-BL 32

Bladder 67 Point (BL 67)

On the lateral side of a pinky toe.

Pedicure to Induce Labor-BL 67

Large Intestine 4 Point (LI 4)

Between the webbing of the thumb and index finger, on the back of our hand.

Pedicure to Induce Labor-LI 4

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