How to Use Clary Sage to Induce Labor

How to use Clary Sage to Induce Labor?

Herbal remedies are popular among pregnant moms because of so many reasons. The first glaring reason is to avoid the side effects of chemical products. Besides, medical practitioners recommend that moms do not take pills and medicines since they might impact their babies immediately. Alternately, herbal remedies receive massive popularity. Clary Sage is one of them.

What is clary sage oil?

Besides the Evening Primrose Oil and Castor Oil, Clary Sage is also popular to induce labor. Clary Sage has a nice smell and will give a soothing effect for cramps and contractions. Mercola website explained that clary sage oil is extracted from the clary sage herb.

Latin Name of clary sage is Salvia sclarea. This natural remedy is made of a native plant of Italy, Syria, and France. Many women have been using it for reducing the pain of period.

This oil is very powerful so women need to be cautious when using the oil. It is not recommended to take in large quantities.

What is clary sage oil

How to use clary sage to induce labor?

We have four steps to use the Clary Sage:

First of all, we have to pour a small amount of Clary Sage essential oil in a small bowl. After that, we can soak cotton balls in the oil. The fragrant of the cotton balls will help moms to feel relaxed. That is why we need to place it around; it can be in the pillowcase or somewhere close to the bed.

However, we have to ask the doctors if we can do so. As the labor is starting, to inhale the Clary Sage oil will be helpful to induce the contractions, especially the uterus.

How to Use Clary Sage to Induce Labor delivery

The second step is to mix some Clary Sage oil with almond oil. That mixture will ease the delivery pain.

We can rub the oil on the belly. Yet, it is necessary that we test the oil first to check whether it leaves an allergic impact or not.

Is it Safe to use clary sage for inductions

The third step is to drop some Clary Sage in aromatherapy burner (diffuser) so the scent will diffuse to the entire labor room.

How to Use Clary Sage oil to Induce Labor

The fourth step to drop the Clary Sage oil to some moisturizing cream to use in the belly’s skin to ease the pain of labor.

Does Clary Sage Really Work Can it be used to induce labour

Does Clary Sage Really Work? Can it be used to induce labor?

The fact is that we cannot use the Clary Sage to induce labor until our bodies are ready to labor. So, Clary Sage is mainly used to reduce the pain of contractions, Relieve anxiety and emotional tension.

Is it Safe to use clary sage for inductions?

As stated before, Clary Sage is applied externally and thus it will leave no bad impacts. FDA classifies it as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and approves it as an additive for foods.

To test if you have any sensitizations to clary sage oil, I suggest applying a drop of it on a small portion of your skin and observe for any adverse reactions for 24-hours.

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