How Long does Prodromal Labor Last

How Long does Prodromal Labor Last?

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To be pregnant is challenging for so many reasons. There are many things that are excited to deal with but there are many frightening things that women should face.

When the moms are done with the preparations, they will still need to handle their own emotions to go through the labor successfully. Even if they have done excellent health care and medical checks for getting prepared for the labor, they will still worry about how the labor will go.

Besides, the examination does not always accurate. Some babies are checked well and predicted to be delivered normally. However, when the date is approaching, the baby can change his/her position or condition that normal labor becomes impossible.

We need to ask many questions during pregnancy. For instance, we might want to know what prodromal labor is. We need to also know how long does Prodromal labor last.

How long does Prodromal labor last contractions

Therefore, to get prepared for the labor does not only mean to paint the baby’s room or to find the perfect name for the baby. To get prepared with the right information is truly necessary. We can now rely on the internet for various pregnancy problems.

We can check the terms and further information related to the terms online. We can not only learn about the terms through official sites for maternal and pregnancy but also join some forums to share with experienced moms all over the world.

Sometimes, the information we get from the forums will be sufficient to answer our questions related to pregnancy.

How long does Prodromal labor last?

Based on the forum’s member’s experience, prodromal labor can occur a week or longer. Some members say that they suffer from prodromal labor for two weeks to four weeks.

The severe case of Prolonged Prodromal labor even occurred from 31 weeks to 41 weeks at night and day. Some case also starts at 36 weeks to 41 weeks of pregnancy.

According to, prodromal labor contractions can last for hours or even days before active labor. When you have heard stories of first-time moms having 24, 36, or 48 hours of labor, this is a clear sign that they have had a prodromal labor experience.

The information will not solve any problems though. However, it will be fun and relieve to share and to hear the stories from pregnant moms with the same situations.

I have been having this since Sunday and I have been freaking out. I have a history of preterm labor, so I keep thinking it’s the real thing. I am 33 weeks and hoping to make it to at least 37 weeks. The past couple of days at night I started having contractions that are every 3-5 minutes apart. I have been to the hospital twice now and they sent me home because my cervix wasn’t changing. It looks like I may as well get used to it! – Krista.

Prolonged Prodromal labor

I have an appointment tomorrow and will be 35 weeks. I’m a first-time mom, so everything is new to me. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions randomly every day and night for weeks now. My entire stomach tightens and it feels like my baby balls up. It’s not really painful yet more uncomfortable. Yet, Monday night-Tuesday morning I had Prodromal Labor. It was so painful it brought me to tears.

I was laying in bed and had the worst menstrual cramp type pain the wrapped around in my lower back. No matter what position I tried to move to nothing helped. I tried going to the bathroom, no help tried drinking a bunch of water, and still, nothing helped. It lasted a good hour. I walked around the house for 15 minutes and it finally subsided. I hope this doesn’t happen for weeks because oh man was it painful. I plan on asking my OB-GYNs to check if I’ve dilated at all.Another Mom.

Prodromal is a common case during pregnancy especially when the estimated date is approaching. However, it will be frightening when moms do not know anything about it. Besides, it is necessary to share the symptoms, signs, and duration so we do not feel too anxious.

Moms might not be able to make some prevention but to know that this prodromal labor is not dangerous and even beneficial will give peace of mind.

Learn more about What causes Prodromal Labor?

The best thing to do is to learn Prodromal labor contractions and signs while waiting for the estimation date. It will not be easy to react wisely when the contractions truly occur but at least, the moms are informed of the right symptoms and signs.

If your cervix has dilated up to 6 centimeters, this is actually active labor and not prodromal labor.

prodromal labor contractions will cause cervix dilation

What moms should know is that the contraction will not be useless at all. So, be patient and wait for the real contraction to expect delivery. It will be better to not expecting too much and get relaxed.

The delivery will occur when the time is just right. Besides, prodromal labor is one sign that the delivery is about to happen soon.

Learn more about Prodromal Labor Symptoms during Pregnancy

The annoying contractions will help moms to open up the uterus. Besides, it prepares the cervix to dilate. The effacement process will also speed up with prodromal labor. The contractions are ways to help moms to get prepared physically for labor.

Prodromal labor contractions and signs:

1. Prodromal labor occurs hours or days before the active labors

However, it is possible to occur earlier. If 4 to 6 contractions happen in one hour in a less than 36 month week of pregnancy, that can be sure the sign of preterm labor.

2. Prodromal labor can feel like Braxton Hicks

However, it is much stronger in some cases.

3. It is irregular and usually has no exact pattern

The contractions will not get longer, stronger, and more frequent. Yet, some women might feel this prodromal labor at pattered hours (every day or night).

Prodromal labor contractions and signs at night and day

4. Prodromal contractions will last for some hours and might be longer for some pregnancies

The average length of Prodromal labor? Prodromal labor contractions may happen every 3 – 5 minutes apart for hours. The prodromal labor contractions and signs will cause cervix dilation and mucous plug removal.

5. Some activities can affect the prodromal labor but most of the time the contractions will disappear without any efforts

Some reports that a warm bath and take a nap can help to reduce the contraction.

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