How effective is evening primrose oil to induce labor

How effective is Evening Primrose Oil to induce labor?

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During pregnancy, each day counts. When the due date is approaching moms will get more excited. There are times that they feel like to go to the hospital since the prodromal keeps coming.

However, there are many moms that realize that a relaxed mind is the key to healthy and quick labor.

However, panicked moms will need to get proper information related to delivery processes. Besides, moms will need to know beneficial products that might be helpful to induce labor.

One of the useful products to refer to is the evening primrose oil (EPO).

What is evening primrose oil?

When moms reach 40 weeks of pregnancy, they will hear various products and natural ingredients that they can try to induce labor. The natural remedies are aimed to use v*ginally in order to induce labor.

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the primrose plant. The Latin name of evening primrose is Oenothera biennis.

How effective is evening primrose oil to induce labor, use, dosage, benefits

Based on the NCCIH, evening primrose is a plant native to North America, but it grows in Europe and parts of the Southern Hemisphere as well.

The oil contains vitamin E, linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid. Since the EPO is made of herbal remedies, we can easily find it in remedy stores and pharmacies.

Does evening primrose oil work induce labor?

Evening primrose oil has been explored for years to induce the labor though the real effect of it remains polemic. Besides inducing labor, it is also beneficial for curing various health issues.

Some patients with neuropathy, menopause, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and rheumatoid arthritis can make use of the product to relieve the pain.

How effective is evening primrose oil to induce labor?

Though there is not much explanation and proves from some researchers, evening primrose oil is helpful to soften and efface the cervix. This is stated by the American Family Physician. Besides, some other studies explain that this EPO can help shorten labor duration.

The Linolenic acid substance in the primrose oil will trigger a prostaglandin response. That is not so adequate to say that evening primrose oil is effective for inducing labor. Besides, there are not enough studies that show the impact of EPO on cervical ripening.

Even, it was once noted in research that a pregnant woman who used the supplement took three hours longer in labor compared to other women do not take the supplement.

Does evening primrose oil work induce labor

How to use evening primrose oil to induce labor?

EPOs are produced in capsules. We can take it orally and v*ginally. We do not need to open the capsule for using it v*ginally. We can simply insert the capsule to get the effect.

Evening primrose oil to induce labor dosage

What about the dosage? There is no exact dosage that we can use for this EPO. Yet, it is suggested that moms take 500 to 2000 milligrams daily.

When should moms take it? Moms can take it when pregnancy reaches 38 weeks. For those who have never taken this before, low doses are recommended.

How to use evening primrose oil to induce labor

So, how effective is evening primrose oil to induce labor? In order to get a good effect on it, it is recommended that moms consult their pregnancy condition with a professional ob-gyn or midwife.

Talk with your doctor, ob-gyn, or midwife if you’re considering using evening primrose oil (EPO) during pregnancy.

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