Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cherries during Pregnancy

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries during Pregnancy

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In pregnancy, organic food and herbal medicines are preferred. This is so because all pregnant moms want to avoid chemical and dangerous substances. Thus, many kinds of herbal remedies are listed in order to give moms many choices for solving many health problems. For nutritional intake, moms also have various options.

There are various kinds of vegetables and fruits that are recommended for pregnancy. Moms can include berries to cherries in order to make their pregnancy healthier.

Cherries (Prunus avium & Prunus cerasus) are sweet and so delicious as a cake topper. But, who knows that the pretty red fruits are beneficial for pregnancies. Yet, instead of just including cherries on the pregnancy diet, we need to also learn about the nutrition and health benefits of cherries during pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat cherries during pregnancy

Is it safe to eat cherries during pregnancy?

Cherries (Colors: Bing, Red, Black, Creamy-yellow, Black stone, Chelan, Lapins, Rainier, North star, Spanish, and Tieton) are healthy even for those who are not pregnant.

In pregnancy, women will need more nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, the quick answer to this question is yes, it is safe for moms to consume cherries during pregnancy.

Some articles might say that cherries are not safe for pregnancy. But that is only for the pit. Yet, who will eat the pit, anyway?

Cherries are full of nutrients that are important for pregnancy. However, when moms are allergic to cherries, it is better to avoid them. Besides, moms should watch the portion.

It is not recommended to eat it is excessive because cherries can cause bloating.

So, eating cherries with a moderate portion is fine. It will make pregnancy even healthier.

Can I have dried cherries during pregnancy

Can I have dried cherries during pregnancy?

Dried cherries are safe to eat for pregnant moms. However, the dried cherries contain Sulfites or Sulphites. So, those who are allergic to sulfite need to be very careful.

Sulfites are the substances that are used as preservatives in dried fruits. Besides, it is important to check whether the dried cherries have sweeteners.

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Some moms have to watch their weight so they can maintain a healthy weight gain. Sugary or sweet foods and fruits will not be recommended for moms who are overweight. The sweet foods will potentially improve significant weight to moms.

So, when it is the sweetened cherry or a maraschino cherry, it will be better to eat only a little or avoid it at all.

15 Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cherries during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need to boost their health with various nutrition sources. Cherries are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, and protein that are all essential for pregnancy. It is good to serve the red cherries as a healthy snack choice for pregnancy.

Here are 15 amazing health benefits of Cherries during Pregnancy:

Cherries will boost the immune levels

Consuming cherries mean to boost body immune levels because it contains vitamin C and antioxidant properties. The fruits will play a vital role in removing free radicals that cause some illnesses. During pregnancy, the immunity level will be the lowest. So, to have cherries as snack options is definitely a good idea.

Promote Healthy Baby’s Brain

Cherries contain Anthocyanins or Anthocyans that will be good to protect neural cells that improve the brain health of the fetus.

Relieve Inflammation

The red pigment of cherries has anthocyanins that can also give excellent efficacy to reduce inflammation and joint pains.

Prevent gestational diabetes

Cherries are low in sugar will be helpful to keep controlling the blood sugar level.

Energy Booster

In pregnancy, women will suffer from fatigue. Cherries will be helpful as an energy booster. It contains excessive water that will be helpful to keep fatigued away.

Control blood pressure levels

In pregnancy, stable blood pressure levels are essential. Cherries will be good supplements for this purpose.

Promote better sleep

The antioxidant consists of several types and melatonin are one of them. It is the melatonin in the cherries that can help moms to have better sleep. It is one of the most important nutrition and health benefits of cherries during pregnancy.

Sufficient sleep determines health and body fitness during pregnancy. Therefore, as moms can have enough sleeping, they will be able to maintain their health better.

Strengthen blood vessels

Cherries that contain sufficient vitamin C can also improve the blood vessels so they can pump enough blood to the fetus.

Expectorant benefits

From the small fruit, we can get the expectorant benefits in curing a cold, cough, and asthma. Besides, it will also be helpful to treat bronchitis.

Treats constipation

This is a common problem that occurs during pregnancy. Moms can reduce the risk by consuming enough fiber in their diet. Cherries have a lot of fiber. Therefore, the fruits will be helpful to treat constipation.

Low-calorie fruit

Most of the time, moms avoid sweet and watery fruits in order to watch their weight during pregnancy. Cherries will be safe for they are low in calories.

Relieve muscle pains

Some muscular pains that happen during pregnancy will be relieved with cherries. This is due to the anti-inflammatory agent in cherries.

Cures migraine headaches

Most of the time, the fluctuation of estrogen hormones can cause migraines and headaches. Besides, in preeclampsia conditions, the pain will be severe. Cherries with anthocyanins and bioflavonoids will be helpful to cure the headaches and migraines.

Smoothen skins

With the antioxidant that fights against free radicals, moms will get more smooth skin by consuming more cherries.

Healthy Snacks

During the pregnancy, moms will usually feel hungry all the time. The cherries will be a healthy snack option with excellent nutrition and health benefits of cherries during pregnancy.

8 Adverse Effects of Eating too many Cherries During Pregnancy

8 Adverse Effects of Eating too many Cherries During Pregnancy

Unless pregnant moms are not allergic to cherries, especially those who have allergies to pollen, it will be safe to include the fruits in their daily diet. The fruits will not cause any serious and harmful side effects.

However, excessively eating the fruits is not good during or not during pregnancy, because there is no fixed quantity of cherries that will trigger these allergies.

  1. Some people are not allergic to cherries but eat the fruits too much, allergic reactions will appear such as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock, oral allergy syndrome (OAS), diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting, stomach bloating.
  2. Some pregnant women will suffer from bloating after eating too many cherries.
  3. It is also possible that too excessive cherry consumption can cause gas
  4. Sometimes, women can suffer from abdominal pain after eating a huge amount of cherries.
  5. There are also some fiber-related side effects such as abdominal cramps
  6. It is also not recommended to only eat cherries during pregnancy because women will suffer from nutrient deficiencies. It is true that cherries contain high-quality nutrients. Yet, cherries can’t replace other foods with essential nutrients.
  7. Some people report that they suffer from an asthma attack after eating cherries in a big portion.
  8. It is also possible that moms feel shortness of breath as an allergic reaction after eating too many cherries.

Special Precautions of cherries for pregnant or breastfeeding women

Special Precautions for pregnant or breastfeeding women

  • Pregnant moms have to avoid eating the leaves, bark, and the pits that contain hydrocyanic acid.
  • Cherries are not for patients with gestational diabetes.
  • To avoid bacteria and virus infections, we need to wash cherries before eating.
  • Before having cherries, it is necessary that pregnant moms consult their gynecologist or doctor as soon as possible.

In order to avoid the side effects of eating too many cherries. Moms have to eat them in the suggested portion.

Based on the dietary guidelines, it is recommended that moms have 1 ½ cups of cherries in their daily diet for those who eat 1,600 calories per day.

During breastfeeding, moms will usually take more calories to each plan. For 2,000 calories intake daily, moms can have 2 ½ cups of cherries.

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