Is Magnesium Citrate Safe during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Is Magnesium Citrate (Citroma) Safe during Pregnancy?

There are too many things that are unsafe to consume during pregnancy. Almost all chemical medicines are not allowed. Even, moms can’t have cough syrup and flu medicines during pregnancy. For specific chemical substance like magnesium citrate, moms need to be very careful as well. Is magnesium citrate safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Before answering […]

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Is Turmeric Safe To Take during Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Is Turmeric Safe to Take during Pregnancy?

To consume herbal medication and use home remedies during pregnancy is one thing. But, to take everything without doing small research or cross-check is quite another thing. Therefore, whenever we receive some information or solutions for our health problems during pregnancy, we have to consult it with our doctors. Besides, sometimes we will need to […]

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